Clay PVClay Decor 56g -Kitana 35


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• The color of this product belongs to the group of the Basic colors.
• Modeling Mass known as Plastic Ceramic or Polymer Clay for Crafts.
• Pack of 1 unit
Product Dimensions: 55 x 53 x 15 mm

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Delivery time: 10 days + time the Post Office.

PVClay Decor-56 grams, polymer clay or polymer clay, manufactured in Brazil >>>>> It is a type of clay, specifically developed for use in modeling techniques as Millifiori, Mokume-Gane, Mica-Shift, among others , which will be used to make jewelry, semi-jewels, jewelry, decorations for environments decoration, etc … the molded part hardens only after being heated in common kitchen oven (gas or electric) in 130 temperature ° C for approximately 30 minutes. The parts when cooled practically do not undergo contraction, they become unbreakable and are fully resistant to water and can be sanded, polished, varnished (use PVClay Gloss), sawn, painted and even return to the oven for implementing some detail of batter. It is possible to combine two or more colors. In its presentation are observed eight divisions, which are useful for facilitating the composition of exclusive colors. Before starting modeling is necessary to prepare / kneading / condition the dough so that it reaches the right point of suppleness and elasticity. It is a non-toxic material, not harmful to health, but should not be ingested, and auxiliary materials such as rolls, cutters, machines for open pasta, roasters and processors used to work the dough should be used only for this purpose and no longer in foods .

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